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Quote of the Day

My ex-girlfriend truly believes 2012 is the end of the world. She bet me 50 dollars that the world would end in 2012. I explained to her if the world is going to end, then there’s no way I could pay her. I either win the bet, or we’re all dead. With a frustrated look on her face, she doubled the bet to 100 dollars.
-Thomas, UCSD


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Quote of the Day, Dave Hunt

I always find it interesting to look through Evangelical Preachers’ old books. It’s amusing to see how bad their predictions and real-world knowledge are. Here are two quotes quickly picked out without much work.

Dave Hunt (Popular Evangelical Christian Author),
From the book “Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust”, 1983

Keep in mind that this was written in 1983:

“Capitalism will eventually lose its battle with Communism, because moral degradation is undermining capitalist democracies much more rapidly has it is Communist countries.”

Bull’s Eye! The West lost the cold war.

“Moreover, like Hitler’s fascism, Marxism is also a religion with the same Hindu-Buddhist roots as the Antichrist’s coming world religion. Buddhism, like Marxism and Nazism, is atheism. Buddha rejected both Hinduism’s atman (soul) and Hinduism’s gods. Of course, this was only a cosmetic change, for atman (individual soul) is a mere illusion (maya) to be dissolved at last through union (yoga) with Brahman (universal soul). Furthermore, Hinduism itself is atheism, for its millions of gods are fictions representing Brahman, the All – i.e., the universe which itself is maya. Hinduism (pantheism) merely puts into mystical terminology Communism’s scientific materialism, which is identical to capitalism’s secular humanism. Carl Sagan’s worship of the Cosmos as “all there is or ever will be” is merely a sophisticated scientific paganism.”

What did we learn? (1) Nazi Fascism = Communism = Capitalist Secular Humanism = Secular Paganism = Buddhism = Hinduism = Atheism. And they are all aligned together against Christianity. (2) Dave Hunt likes to lump the world into “Christian” and “Non-Christian”. It’s soooo much easier if you can come-up with a BS justification to meld all non-Christian ideas into one big blob.

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