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All text taken directly from online Christian fundamentalist forums.

“I can sum it up in three words: Evolution is a lie.”

“You know, there are a lot of things in life that I’ve concluded to be wrong without studying them in depth. Evolution is one of them. You know, the fact that I don’t think about it doesn’t bother me in the least.”

Fundies say the darndest things.

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The BadAstronomer takes VoxDay to task for this ridiculous argument. Personally, I think VoxDay’s argument is so stupid, it doesn’t even deserve a rebuttal. It’s just that stupid. Stand back in marvel in awe of the innanity:

The Bad Astronomer doesn’t realize that science is undermining the basis for materialism:

(The Bad Astronomer wrote:)
The energy budget of the Universe is the total amount of energy and matter in the whole cosmos added up. Together with some other observations, WMAP has been able to determine just how much of that budget is occupied by dark energy, dark matter, and normal matter. What they got was: the Universe is 72.1% dark energy, 23.3% dark matter, and 4.62% normal matter. You read that right: everything you can see, taste, hear, touch, just sense in any way… is less than 5% of the whole Universe.

In other words, even by its own lights, science and rational materialist philosophy is only relevant to five percent of what we currently consider to be all known Creation. Combined with its complete inapplicability to abstract concepts such as justice, equality and freedom, this shows that even attempting to build a social order on a secular basis is not only doomed to failure, but is quite arguably insane.

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PZ Myers’ recent post, which included a creationist mangling whale evolution, reminded me of this series of videos:

Parts 1-3:

The author of these videos has made a lot more. Right now, there are seventeen videos in the series.

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There are a few news articles (about 10 months old now) about a large “ocean” under parts of east Asia and western North America:

Scientists scanning the deep interior of Earth have found evidence of a vast water reservoir beneath eastern Asia that is at least the volume of the Arctic Ocean. (Link)

With a little knowledge of young earth creationism, you’d know that the YECs will be all over this one, tying “Noah’s Flood” (“fountains of the deep” Genesis 8:2) to this new discovery.

Ah, yes, here’s one now, and a few more – already mangling the story. Even the “Intelligent Design” people (who frequently “out” themselves as young earth creationists using a new label) love the story:

Whoa. As it said in Genesis, “And the Fountains of the Great Deep burst forth”. Remenants of Noah’s flood, perhaps.

Thanks man.

Sal [Cordova, Intelligent Design advocate]

But, will they provide all the information:

But nobody will be exploring this sea by submarine. The water is locked in moisture-containing rocks 400 to 800 miles (700 to 1,400 kilometers) beneath the surface.

“I’ve gotten all sorts of emails asking if this is the water that burst out in Noah’s flood,” said the leader of the research team, Michael Wysession of Washington University in St. Louis.

“It isn’t an ocean. [The water] is a very low percentage [of the rock], probably less than 0.1 percent.” (Link)

“It would still look like solid rock to you,” Wysession told LiveScience. “You would have to put it in the lab to find the water in it.” (Link)

Of course not. This guy’s on a mission – turning “0.1% water trapped in rocks” into “Scientists confirm global flood in times of Noah”, “The scientific community ignored the discovery”, and “The findings released by the American researchers indicate that a catastrophic event may happen again”.

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