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Well, the DNC is right around the corner. I live in downtown Denver, and I can already see some extra people in the area. (If anything crazy happens, maybe I’ll have pictures or video.) Lots of groups have been coming in to try to influence the Democrats. Lots of protests are planned – and many of the protesters are anti both parties. They think both parties have sold out, and they prefer to support Nader or some other lost cause. Well, the other day I walked outside to find a bunch of political fliers on cars. They’re the work of Randall Terry (anti-abortion activist, Christian extremist):

Randall A. Terry is an American political and conservative religious activist and musician. He founded the pro-life organization Operation Rescue in 1987 and led the group for its first 10 years. He has been arrested more than 40 times for his anti-abortion activities. (Link)

(More on Terry here, here, and here.)

The fliers pretend to advocate a white-supremacist candidate (“Smith”) who supports slavery for blacks. Obviously, you’re shocked and appalled. Then, it does a switch: it says that abortion is murder, and murder is worse than slavery, therefore, you cannot support a candidate who allows abortion any more than you can support a candidate who advocates slavery. The white-supremacist fake-out certainly catches people’s attention. It’s the shock-politics of the pro-life movement. A second flier then talks about Obama’s voting record regarding abortion (he supports it, McCain opposes it).

During the anti-abortion pitch, the flier talks a great deal about how a Christian should vote, but ironically enough, the heavy focus on how a “Christian should vote” resonates as the kind of rhetoric you’d expect from a Southern redneck advocating segregation.

No Christian may in good conscience vote for any candidate, from any party, for any office, who supports the slaughter of children by abortion. Don’t be seduced! If you vote for Rudy or Hillary or any pro-choice candidate, you share the sin of child-killing, and betray the very Law of God.

The flier (click to enlarge be appalled):

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