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[Via Cynical-C] BBC3’s “Bullsh!t Detectors” shows up three Mediums. The one question I have is: why didn’t they immediately retract their permission to use the footage of them getting shown up as frauds?

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Pantry Ghost

Haven’t seen Captain Disillusion in a while. He’s got a new video up. First, the original video:

He claims that he first setup the camera because he captured the ghost in this video:

What I noticed in the original “ghost” videos was this: in his daylight video, his daughter (shown in this video) is nowhere to be seen. Also, it seems painfully obvious that his nephew was coached to grab something out of the pantry – to show that it was just shelves in there. The cameraman is careful to keep the pantry door just in frame – to show that it didn’t open. Also, the dialog is inconsistent:
Nephew: “When are we going to see the movie?”
Cameraman: “Uh, after we eat, we’ll go to the movie.”

Nephew: “Can I get something to eat?”
Cameraman: “Yes, go for it.”
(If “we” are going to eat, then you don’t let kids go and get something to eat by themselves.)

In the nighttime video, I have have hard time believing that the guy would walk up and open the door after seeing that. All of these issues point to bad acting jobs.

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Here’s an interesting story from This American Life. It’s a ghost story from 1921. In the story, a family moves into a new home, and they begin to experience some strange things: sounds of footsteps, knocking on the walls, a feeling of dread, the plants died, and then ghostly figures appeared. The audio is about six minutes long (right at the beginning of the podcast), and you can listen to it here, or read the longer version here.

I had no idea about that explanation. Apparently, it’s not the only case like it. More information here and here.

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